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    The purpose of this website is to give you the opportunity to share your quilts with anyone in the world.  You can tell your family and friends, “Go to and see my quilts.”  They will also get the added benefit of reading the story of each of your quilts.

    All you need to do is send me a picture of your quilt, and it’s story…I do the rest.

    For me, the making of a quilt is a journey that is a unique process that I enjoy from start to finish.  The process comes to have a life of its own and I am inspired in many ways — a fabric may simply catch my eye, I find a fabric that “would be perfect for…!” or I just decide to make a quilt for someone.  A wonderful inspiration may come from seeing a quilt that one of my friends has made, or I find a pattern that “calls my name…”  It may come from my family, friends or something I see in my travels.  Whatever the inspiration it begins a process of creation and assembly that is satisfying as a work of art, a work of skill and, most of all, a work of love.

    Every quilt has a story. The story may be creative, personal and often very moving.  These stories reflect the important roles that quilts have played in our lives.

    As a history buff, I was soon caught up in exploring quilts from times gone by.  Quilts have a rich past that has embedded itself into American history.  And as you soon find out after being in the quilting world for a short time,  quilts embed themselves deeply into our personal histories as well.

    I offer “See My Quilts on Line” as a way for you to share your quilts and their stories.  Send me a short paragraph about your quilt – who it was made for, what the occasion was, what makes it special, along with a photograph of the quilt and I will post it on the site.  You can have your friends and relatives anywhere in the world view your creation any time.  Use my site as a way to share your creation, your skills and your unique reason for making your quilt in all its glory.

    Quilting is a unique craft that demonstrates skill, imagination and love.  It can be a labor of solitude and peace or a group effort that allows friends to share a unique skill and fellowship.