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  • Red Cross Quilt

    Posted on October 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    Red Cross Quilt

    This is a quilt I saw in England.  It belonged to our friend, Enid, who received this quilt from the Red Cross when her family home in Portsmouth, England was destroyed by a German incendiary bomb during the Second World War, probably in 1942.  Interestingly, it is an American made quilt, maker or makers unknown.  It was one of many sent to aid our English allies as they suffered through the intense bombing raids those first few years of the War,.  Enid gave this quilt to a dear friend who is a quilter, Barbara Carpenter, and she kindly let me photograph it.  I understand that there is an English woman who is doing research on these Red  Cross quilts.
    I think it is remarkable that Enid’s family kept the quilt all these years.  She told me that it had been repaired by her older sister using scraps left over from dress making.

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