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  • Posted on January 6th, 2010 admin No comments
    The Story of our Lives Together

    The Story of our Lives Together

    This quilt represents many of the things we have enjoyed in 43 years of marriage. The greens signify the woods, trees, and leaves surrounding us in New England, where we lived for many years. The blues represent the lakes and oceans (on both coasts) where we have spent time. The light yellow and light blue dotted fabric around the hearth represent rain and snow – in New England we had a lot of both. We have two daughters who enjoyed the woods and water and snow with us as they grew up.

    I’m a beginner – this is my second quilt. It’s a Cal King blanket, a bit ambitious for a second project, for sure! It’s machine pieced, and was machine quilted with beautiful leaves by My Quilts Long Arm Quilting Service.

    The Story of our Lives Together

    Jean Kammerer


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