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  • Helen’s Quilt

    Posted on July 18th, 2009 admin 1 comment

    My mother-in law had a special birthday and so I decided to make her a memory quilt.  With the help of her daughter, I sent out squares to all of her friends and relatives in California and Illinois.  After sending out the squares, with a note

    Helen's Quilt

    that if they know anyone else who would like a square, to let me know, it was like Christmas every day when I went to the mailbox.  The squares not only came back, I also got many more names of people to send them to.  (As an added benefit the family was able to touch base with people whom they had not seen for years.  It is such a warm feeling knowing that these people have all written these notes for her and I get to put it together.  In her honor, the label said it all…”May this quilt hold traces of those who signed…reminding you though out the years of our enduring love and friendship.”  She continues to enjoy it and we continue to enjoy her.

    Carol C


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    • Brenda Lierman

      What a beautiful quilt for a beautiful woman — my husband’s Great Aunt Helen!

      I love your website and can’t wait to submit a quilt and story. What a neat idea.

      I’ll check back often!

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